July 16, 2009

An American Patriot aka War Criminal

If you get anything out of this at all, let it be that you have watched Fog of War it's there for free in that link
As most people know, recently, Robert McNamara died at the age of 92 or 93, i forget. Now I, like most sane people, said well good riddance to that sack of shit. But then I ventured onto the internet and found people actually defending him. Saying things like "we need a modern day McNamara to get things sorted out". Let's see how he sorts things out. oh by ruining an entire generations fertility.
This guy was a fucking human monster. He was the Architect of the Vietnam War. You know, that one horrible fucking atrocity that we should never even have been involved with. one of the worst things about this guy was that since he was pretty smart he thought he was fucking Solomon and never thought twice about anything he decided. One of those being the idea to use AGENT ORANGE,
which he knew in advance was harmful to humans (a fucking understatement). It's primary purpose was to destroy all the plants in an area so that no one can hide there. Nowadays we call that chemical warfare and invade countries based on that.


People give the reply, "well he felt bad about it in his later years". A human is not capable of feeling enough guilt over the amount of destruction and horrific slaughter that he was directly responsible for. I'm just gonna lay out a couple of things in picture form that are his fault. And I'd like to remind my American readers that all the people in these pictures are humans like you even though they look a bit off. They'll never get a WoW account or have a blog because of this stuff, anyway here ya go.


I'd like to take this moment to add that Napalm (jellied gasoline basically, which sticks to you and doesnt stop burning. you could jump in a lake and the napalm would burn you to death.) and Cluster Bombs are horrendous weapons. They are indiscriminant and terrible.


So hoooray McNamara, Conservative Icon, Military Genius, and fine Patriot. He embodies the very essence of America. Because as a nation; we at our core, are a maniacle, wife beating, oil-drunk, myopic, self congratulator who cannot internalize a thing we call "the human cost". To top it all off The Omnipotent Creator of the Universe (we're on a first name basis with him so lets shorten it to God or Yahweh) has smiled on us and endorses everything you just saw in this post. Ah nothing like a glass of Hubris in the morning.

If you get anything out of this at all, let it be that you have watched Fog of War it's there for free in that link.

and here's a boat shooting napalm into riverside villages and people:

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