April 17, 2009

Grand Opening...ok not grand per se.

Well guys I've done it. I fought the internet and the internet won. I am simultaniously starting a facebook, blog, flikr page, and a Twitter. I decided I'd rather not be a luddite and ignore the new ways of the web just because they look different than when i was on 28.8 modems. So here you go. I will be posting whatever seems worth discussing. As a friend so aptly pointed out, I already do all this stuff in person, why not put it up so you only have to tell a story once and everyone can see it?

I really find it hard to believe anyone will give half a shit about what a random person like me cares to write about. then again I've read obscure stuff from people i don't know for no reasons. 

We'll see. That's basically what all those letters up there meant.