July 20, 2009

As I chronicle the ills of the world

Since I seem to fall into a neverending cycle of reading up on social issues and then getting so mad at fucked up people that the pit of my stomach feels like it's on fire, I figured I'd keep the bandwagon going after that Robert Mcnamara post.This next guy I've known about for a long time. He's been doing his villainy for some time and for some reason he occasionally has public support (republicans?). Without further adieu I present

Sherrif Joe Arpaio

This guy is basically the most corrupt (I hope) law enforcement official outside of television. He's been raining (and reigning) terror on Maricopa County, Arizona. For some odd reason this guy has yet to be scrutinized in the media (this article is prob ably the biggest thing about him in popular media) and he's also escaped Internal Affairs and Federal agencies. The ammount of horrible stuff I've read about this guy is so massive and angering that I can't bring myself to summarize it all nice for you. But I will give you a few snippets that typify the kind of behavior this guy is responsible for. He's one person I would push a kill button on if I had one. Anyway here's some morsels:

"The family of another man killed in the restraint chair got $8.25 million in a pre-trial settlement. (This deal was reached after the discovery of a surveillance video that showed fourteen guards beating, shocking, and suffocating the prisoner, and after the sheriff's office was accused of discarding evidence, including the crushed larynx of the deceased.)

"...Deborah Braillard passed away January 25th, 2005, after being arrested for alleged probation violations. ... When she was booked into jail on January 2nd, Deborah and her family were concerned for her safety. Because she was a diabetic, she required frequent insulin injections. However, because of her prior conviction and jail stay, jail medical personnel knew about her condition. Nurses were present in her cell on January 3rd and on the 4th, but they did not examine her or administer insulin." [courtesy of sherrif joe]

While making this post I found a website dedicated to overthrowing this sack of bugs. It has a nice archive of why this guy sucks if you need more convincing or more outrage. right here