May 19, 2009

Louis C.K. slays me.

Louis CK is hilarious and I just stumbled on some newish material he did. here's a couple samples



NPRs' This American Life is fantastic

Your probably aware that this radio program exists but you may not realize how freaking awesome it is and that you can listen to any episode they'vc done since 1995 for free online. The way they do it is that you can stream a show for free or get the mp3 for 95 cents. Each episode is free for one week (as an mp3) after it's released.
The eps run for about an hour a peice and are divided into 2-3 segments covering various topics or different aspects of one theme. This is one of the best uses of a free hour you can find. You could pick a topic that sounds interesting or just pick one at random. I have yet to hear one that wasn't fascinating. Things i don't even care about much come across as really freaking interesting.
Right now I'm on a torrent that has every episode from 1995-2007.  Stoked.

The thing that got me to post about this show is seeing an article talking about the body count in Iraq. TAS has a great ep about this very topic from 2005. It interviews the guy who did the Lancet study for Johns Hopkins University, one of the Iraq war planners, and a Captain serving in Iraq.
Here's a link