July 10, 2009

Temporary Change to layout so my pics dont get cut off in the middle

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Since I'm really beside myself with dissapointment on how Obamas DoJ is handling things...

This subject came up really really early in his presidency when his legal team decided to stick with the bush era stances on a bunch of pending cases for people being illegally detained by us. Knowing that my representatives are human I was able to overcome my idealistic optimism to write them a scathing letter letting them know that there are a lot of really liberal people who did a lot of the grassroot support to get him elected who are really not being heard.

We felt it was a given that some of the first things on the chopping block would be some of the crap bushes department of justice was trying to cram through. But as i once read somewhere, "once a government gets a power, seldom does it ever relinquish it". So bush made the executive a near king and now obama is feeling out his job and I imagine it's pretty complicated. There's all the promises to the people (not that high on the list), there's all the horrible secrets of america that you get to find out about as part of the job. I almost think that exposure alone is enough to cause sever mental problems. Like when i had a hard time sleeping after watching this asian movie called red flowers or something like that where it seemed like a low budget snuff film. and it was so convincing the fbi had to go investigate it. well i didn't have the luxury of knowing it was fake until months after seeing it. It shook my brain and really warped my outlook on humanity. so the vault of horrendous shit that America holds must really fuck with you. For instance we got a few leaked photos of horrifying torture shit, and bloody floors, and reports of guys waterboarded over 80 times, sexual humiliations, and that's the stuff the public is vaguely aware of. the shit they put under lock and key must be on par with the republican underage boytoy prostitution ring for congress.

I would almost say i'd sacrifice the entire country and have our whole system fall, if it meant full access to all the information that's been hidden from us. Keep in mind my stake in society is almost non existant. ah shit, this was supposed to be a short little sentence before i posted some pictures from video games and stuff that make me happy. It's all on fliker which is not an ideal image host imo. but if you click the image and then click the "all sizes" or whatever you can eventually get to the larger version of the picture which is what i wish they'd start with. for petes sake donchaknow. well i'll attempt it anyway
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