January 30, 2010

Whoa I have a blog

I totally forgot about this blog for a while. I think I'll be making a return soon and start writing new posts. I may take a different approach and write about things that I like instead of things that make me insanely angry. I stopped following news and politics for a couple days and read comic books instead and I felt much happier. I doubt I could make myself totally disconnected from world events but a slight reduction goes a long way towards happiness.

I wasn't going to make this a real post but hey why not. I was just watching a 7 part thing on youtube which was an interview with charles manson done by Geraldo way back in the day. I'm not a big fan of people who glorify murderers just to be edgy so I never really payed any attention to charles manson. I probably know less about him than your average person just due to the fact that I find murder to be really off putting (in real life) and because he committed his crimes way before I was born. Just from cultural osmosis I was always under the impression that he himself murdered some people but from what I just read he was convicted of conspiracy to murder and due to how our laws are, if you conspire then you also get the guilt of the actual act. That really changes things in my opinion. He kept claiming in the interview that he hadn't murdered anyone. That's true I guess and it makes a lot of what he says make a little more sense.
I'm sure he comes off as crazy to most people, but the way he talks sounds very similar to people I've known in the past and I can kind of follow his thought process. I'm sure being at all sympathetic to manson is not fashionable these days but I don't really care. I don't mean sympathy as in i feel sorry for him i mean it in the way that i sort of understand what he's talking about. The way he talks reminds me of how you talk when you're tripping on mushrooms or acid. I don't know if that adds to my ability to follow what he's saying, but if you can sort through it, he makes a lot of good points that offer an interesting reflection of our culture and society. I'm sure i'm not breaking any new ground with all of this but hey this is my first exposure to any of it. here's a link to part 1 of 7 of the video I'm reffering to.