August 1, 2010

I'm sorry it's been so long since i've updated....

But i've been to caught up in drudgery, solitude, and unimportant nonsense so I have missed a lot of chances to get really pissed off about something in the world and summarize/editorialize it for you. Luckily today I was so repulsed by a story i learned of today that the inspirational disgust is flowing freely. winner = you.

Our subject for today is some heinous shit pulled by the american and Israeli governments right after world war 2. The time-frame really adds to the horribleness of it in my view because the very people who should be against the mistreatment of innocent people; especially based on racial/social background are the perpetrators.
The thing i'm getting at is known as the "Ringworm Affair" according to wikipedia (which by the way, is patrolled like crazy by insanely right wing Zionists to subtly whitewash anything negative posted about the Jewish state or it's "important" members.

If you didn't know, ringworm is a gross parasitic (i think) infection that occasionally occurs in young people and it's characterized by a gross ring shape of itchy bumps and in severe cases it looks really gross. I don't believe it's particularly dangerous, just not pleasant and it goes away as you get older anyway. So in the 1950's a Zionist doctor was obsessed with eradicating ringworm which he considered a genetic plague upon inferior breeds of humans. At the time the standard treatment for ringworm was a mild dose of radiation, which isn't usually even needed.
Enter the us military (aka the US/Israeli Military). They just so happened to want to do some very immoral, illegal, and disgusting research and sent this fanatical doctor a bunch of military radiation machines. The doctor was overjoyed at the quality of the machinery and came up with a great idea.

  • You see, not all jews are created equal. There are jews from countries around the world (in this case Morocco). breifly it's like so:
  •  There are several subgroups of Jews with different culture and traditions:
  •    Ashkenazic: Descendants of Jews from France, Germany and Eastern Europe
  •    Sephardic: Descendants of Jews from Spain, Portugal, North Africa and the Middle East
  •    Mizrachi: Descendants of Jews from North Africa and the Middle East
  • Other subgroups are Yemenite, Ethiopian and Oriental

So in the 1950's after the war the was a mass emmigration of jews from morrocco. These happned to be the less fortunate as far as money and health were concerned so the good doctor graciously took about 20,000 or some insane number of children from their families for "treatment" to make them healthy and get rid of that dastardly ringworm. 
To make a long story short he exposes tens of thousands of kids to insane amounts of radiation just like the military was interested in because they "needed" to know how soldiers would behave after a nuclear attack (not that we're planning to ever do that again right). As it turns out the way they behave is by all their hair falling out, becoming cancerous and dying. Some died really quicly and painfully and some survived with all kinds of horrible radiation related diseases. Some are actually still alive today and tell their story in a jewish made documentary that got me to write this blog post. it's in 5 parts on youtube and called "The Ringworm Children". I suggest you watch it. I also suggest pondering the sheer volume of lies, secrecy, and experimentation our governments have been involved in that have been documented and proven and then think about why anyone trusts anything they say about anything especially on issues of exactly this nature. There's no more "conspiracy nuts" they're just people with a healthy dose skepticism about their abusive owner.
From now on i consider people trusting that the power-elite who run the globe, have anyones best interests in mind (aside from theirs) when they make a press statement or claim to be providing charitable assistance to help a struggling nation (to steal their water and mineral rights turns out), or that we need to fight a countries enemy because an entire dirt poor country smaller than our states turned "evil" and the most humanitarian way to keep the peace is to funnel billions to arms dealers, warlords, despots, puppets and our home corporations, then kill more civilians than soldiers and shrug about hard choices and goodness is never easy blah blah blah. whoever swallows that is a conspiracy theorist to me now. they just believe in a complex web of ultra rich secretive people who just wanna make people's lives better through complex geopolitical maneuvers.

I'm not saying im on board with everything-is-a-hoax by so and so, but i've seen enough to know who the players are and what team they are on.

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