April 28, 2009

Some Good Pop Music...that's right i said it

Lilly allen. I'm not sure how popular she is around here, but she's a uk musician who makes really cool satirical and scathing pop. She puts across a lot of social awareness vibes in really short punchy lines. She seems to have a lot to say about modern bourgoise society and admits her part in it and wonders what a person is supposed to do about it, when things are rigged from all angles to exploite others. 
and anyone who has a song about Bush titled "Fuck You" is ok with me.

here's her current single The Fear.

Major defeat for Bush/Obama position on secrecy

This issue was one of the few misteps that Obama has made, but it's kinda big and since i'm not a brainwashed obamanite like the right likes to pretend we are, I wrote an angry letter to the white house critizing this very thing.

what it is: Basically the Department of Justic (DOJ) under the bush admin had used some bullshit "state secrets" pass to get out of responsibility for all kinds of shady shit. well the obama doj decided to keep the bush position for a recent court case reviewing it.  good news for us is that the courts struck that shit down. booya. 

here's a link to a much better written article. (better than my blog i mean).

And if you didn't know Salon is one of the few decent places to find good articles and essays on current topics. The Atlantic is another. They aren't on target 100% of the time but even if you dissagree the points are usually well reasoned at least. which is more than you can expect from cnn, nbc, or fox