January 6, 2011

Man Thanks to Those taking time to Read Anything I Write.

As a blogger it's easy to feel like you're just writing to yourself so any time someone even gives a small nod to let you know another human saw what you did makes it worthwhile. I notice I have a problem with consistency no matter how well intentioned I am or how much I promise to write. It really is a microcosm of how I treat most things in my life. I have a lot of extreme feelings and I derive pleasure from things by wringing every last drop it has to offer then leaving it for dead. I don't really feel guilty over that since life is full of so much material to eviscerate that I will never run out.

The way that translates into my writing habits is that for short spurts i will be brimming with ideas, strong emotions, and intense desire to express that mental location while i have the mental wherewithal to do it justice.

Due to my well known proclivity to surface and bombard people with my current mind-state only to dissapear and not be heard from for months by anyone, I felt obligated to lay out enough content to busy someone during my periods of absence. The side benefit of that is if any soul is noble enough to actually take on the recommended material, I will eventually have someone to talk to and glean the gems produced by a capable mind plowing through the same topics that lead me to write or think whatever came out. I spend most of my life feeling very distant, even from the people that i consider close just because none of them have the time or mental tools to put in the work required to just have a casual philosophical chat with me. Not to say I'm above those people by any means, just that they are not playing with the same ideas as me so I just continue on my way and occasionally one of you beautiful blog readers will bless me by reading something i recommended or watching something that moved me.

For me the greatest emotion is being understood. Now that's not to say just reading the same books as me or watching the same lectures means you understand me. You could do all those things and still not cause me to feel understood. But when a person hits that more subtle level where they can see why I think what I think and appreciate it as well as generate thoughts of their own that resonate with me when I hear them.

This blog post is not very content heavy because it was just meant as a thank you for anyone who read anything on this blog. Taylor, if you were my only reader the blog is worth it to me since you are one of the only souls on earth who follow through and pursue the things that inspire me. I'm prone to depression at times, and I get really caught up in the plights of people suffering around the world, but your comments on each blog post are one of the only things in my life that actually put a dent in my negative outlook. I love getting high and playing games and other meaningless distractions but knowing another person is really reading through my list of links and inspirations is like getting a check for a thousand bucks.

I would especially like to thank you for checking out The Ascent of Humanity, I did it through the audio version too and I've never been so moved by any peice of writing. The book is like every single conclusion and semi-formed notion about existence that i've ever felt a conviction about and written in a respectable, intelligent, clear and powerful way. I place it above any religious text man has produced and I dare to say that it basically is my religion. Humanism perfected. The amount of things I dissagreed with probably doesnt even fill a page. Listening to Lyn Garry read some of the passages with unembarassed passion brought me tears of my own at times. More than once I burst out in tears on public transportation.

tay if you get time I'd love to hear which stuff from my last list you were able to explore and what you felt about them. and any of you who I don't know who found anything here you liked I'd love to hear from you as well.

just to add flavor to this post here's a pic