July 30, 2009

Side note that I've been thinking on but haven't posted

Obama has really been fucking up lately. Like serious stuff. Not the main media hype over the health care reform. His health plan was a step in the right direction but it was far from being anything close to what we need. Every member of congress who is currently on any committee that has any sway on what will be in the final bill has recently received shitloads of money from Pharmacutical companies so we are FUCKED. our Democrats (who are honestly a corpratist party now, not progressive. minus bernie sanders, senator whitehouse, and kucinich.

What I'm getting at is something weird is going on with obama and I'm fairly certain he must have had to make some dark deals with the real power players in washington to get the support of all those superdelegates and now he's paying the piper.

The stuff that I'm most angry about is the continuation of many Bush era policies about indefinate detention, going back on his word about closing guantanamo bay, and moving the afghan war into pakistan (which guess what, has a very important Oil pipeline running through it). He also has not come forward and ended the militaries Don't ask don't tell policy which keeps open gays out of service. I saw a figure that showed the military has spent 95 million dollars retraining new soldiers because of the ones they discharged due to this bill.

There's many more things I'm upset with and I've written several letters to the white house and to various senators about my concerns but it really doesnt matter. the only letters they care about are on Goldman Sachs letterhead. I'm extremely frustrated and I have some ideas brewing in my head about what I want to do in the nearish future. If it starts seeming feasible I may post a detailed explanation of what I want to do.

Well part of my motivation for writing all of this is to show that I'm not an apologist for the democratic party or president obama. My loyalty lies in progressive causes not corprate handouts and collusive backroom deals that fuck over the public. Though I hate what conservatism has become more than I hate lukewarm democrats. They have turned into a lunatic fringe incapable of simple thought, and genuine discussion. They are playing politics like it's gradeschool recess. so fuck them.

It has been a while since I've updated.

I'm not exacty sure where to start. This entry will be a little more personal than previous ones. Not because I ran out of horrific things occuring in the world to keep you updated on (for example Joe Arpaio's county developed a Thing called a Taser Array. What it is is a huge wall of taster guns mounted together. supposedly they are supposed to be shot 1 row at a time to hit a group of people. and then the next row shoots the nexts group after the first falls, but as we all know Law Efrocment assholes will unleash a wall of pure pain on a single guy hitting prongs into his face, neck, chest, legs, maybe arms, and he'll probably die. We've already had several deaths from tasers in the normal line of duty. One guy actually burst into flames belive it or not).

This post is actually about a random thing I wrote over AIM to my friend who was not responding so he was either on the toilet or playing a game. The thing I wrote is kinda cool. not purfect, but pretty cool for stream of conciousness. by adrians request here it is:

yourfearisgreat: A dark mucous with a tint of green began seeping through the crevasses in the stone wall of the dungeon, While the world may be moments from it's ultimate terror being unleashed, ironically, you, yes you, are mayhaps the safest of the race of men, Due to your foolish crimes of seeking to know the unknowable, you have been confined to this wretched dank pit, but insobeing, you are the least likely to be on the minds of any destructive cosmic horrors which shall be tonights entertainment.
yourfearisgreat: Your vantage point is poor, being 3 walls and iron bars, but you notice that you can feel some fluctuation in the feel of earths...lifeforce? A stone felt like it had settled in your stomach when you were able to figure out that only the death of hundreds of millions could affect one, base as yourself. The sensitve ones on the surface must be in living hell to see feel of that death
yourfearisgreat: why, you wonder, do the Cosmic deities care so little about human life? they need no reason or encouragement to kill on a whim. I heard of a man brave enough to ask the Dread C'thulhu that very question. Our Dread friend answered him psychicly so as not to overwhelm his auditory system. He said "Life is the only thing there is. Life is Sacred. If you have no life in you, then the world has nothing for you. Humans, sadly are a short sighted and evil lot so we do them the ultimate favor of showing them their errors through killing them.
yourfearisgreat: The experience of dying and then being confronted with the afterlife usually affects even the cold hearted deeply. Though it's not for you to know or I to tell, but Death is the beginning. your blink of time on earth is totally inadeqaute to figure out the proper way to live and to experience all that life offers. Once killed, time stops pressing so hard on the being. they find they can move backward, forward, and even sideways through time. then The One God (not from any of your earth centric books sorry) reviews your time on earth with you. this is your chance to explain missunderstandings or appologize for regrets. Once you have been permeated (each cell of your body fused with our mystic power) you can then start to build your real self. no more kids, mortgage, bills, traffic, you live in a paradise (reflected from your dreams) and spend the days speaking with dead philosophers, authors, scientists, or atheletes if you like.
yourfearisgreat: it's best to think of your earth life (Which was sooo fucking important right) as a sandbox for you to learn to use basic mental faculties. many get carried away and think that life is what life is about, even worse some never even think about any of these concepts. they just live and pretend their out of touch jaded attitude is cool. the greeks got it near the beginning of history that "The unexamined life is not worth living". you might as well have been a roach
yourfearisgreat: Enough explaining from me. Humans are very low on the need to know list. i only talked to you because i'm tickled that your unimportance put you in a singularly safe and funny position
yourfearisgreat: the world right now is being ravaged by age old horrors and specters from realms not of this reality. the flying semi-corporeal alien dragon covered in green flames, headless horseman with heads of pikes, wagon trains in the roads, their wheels shod in teeth and fangs so as to make a menacing clickity clack. horrible skeletons ravage almost everywhere, with their meat in various stages of continuity. Horrible mangy dogs ridden by impish goblins who shoot poison arrows at passersby.
yourfearisgreat: and let's not forget the big guys. sometimes you need to terrorize and lay waste to huge buildings and vehicles. luckily we have the Balrog demon and the ever faithful Bahamut. Tidal waves of molten lead splash down into stadiums and other huge gatherings. Instantly burning everyone to the bone before contact even occurs. Worse still, when it cools, the skeletons are preserved in a horrifying scene from some satanic play
yourfearisgreat: There is no hope, no escape, only the revelry that we cosmic entities enjoy. And who should stand against us I say. None. No man, beast, demon, "god", idol, Military, no wizards spells, no shamans rituals and charms. Pure death and fear. the essence of all things.
yourfearisgreat: well except for you my dungeon kept friend. you missed all the horrors of this reality, so perhaps count that as a blessing. what happens with you now is beyond me. The door was never locked, so i assumed you were staying of free will. that struck me as so uncharacteristically human i actually earned a modicum of respect for your forthought
yourfearisgreat: i can make a proposal for you if you like. I can slay you now, painlessly and start you on your journey to become your real self in the afterlife. you're way ahead of the game just knowing that much. or you can be a cowering dog who pisses himself in the face of a challenge
yourfearisgreat: The man lay himself on a flat marble table and the horrifying monster set to his macabre work. one small thing though, he lied about the lack of pain. He planned to keep him alive while pulling out each capilary and vein one by one. that kind of pain is trancendental. the mind grows beyond its physical self and is prepared for a life of amazing possibilities and catastrophic calamities.
yourfearisgreat: the end i guess

July 20, 2009

As I chronicle the ills of the world

Since I seem to fall into a neverending cycle of reading up on social issues and then getting so mad at fucked up people that the pit of my stomach feels like it's on fire, I figured I'd keep the bandwagon going after that Robert Mcnamara post.This next guy I've known about for a long time. He's been doing his villainy for some time and for some reason he occasionally has public support (republicans?). Without further adieu I present

Sherrif Joe Arpaio

This guy is basically the most corrupt (I hope) law enforcement official outside of television. He's been raining (and reigning) terror on Maricopa County, Arizona. For some odd reason this guy has yet to be scrutinized in the media (this article is prob ably the biggest thing about him in popular media) and he's also escaped Internal Affairs and Federal agencies. The ammount of horrible stuff I've read about this guy is so massive and angering that I can't bring myself to summarize it all nice for you. But I will give you a few snippets that typify the kind of behavior this guy is responsible for. He's one person I would push a kill button on if I had one. Anyway here's some morsels:

"The family of another man killed in the restraint chair got $8.25 million in a pre-trial settlement. (This deal was reached after the discovery of a surveillance video that showed fourteen guards beating, shocking, and suffocating the prisoner, and after the sheriff's office was accused of discarding evidence, including the crushed larynx of the deceased.)

"...Deborah Braillard passed away January 25th, 2005, after being arrested for alleged probation violations. ... When she was booked into jail on January 2nd, Deborah and her family were concerned for her safety. Because she was a diabetic, she required frequent insulin injections. However, because of her prior conviction and jail stay, jail medical personnel knew about her condition. Nurses were present in her cell on January 3rd and on the 4th, but they did not examine her or administer insulin." [courtesy of sherrif joe]

While making this post I found a website dedicated to overthrowing this sack of bugs. It has a nice archive of why this guy sucks if you need more convincing or more outrage. right here

July 16, 2009

An American Patriot aka War Criminal

If you get anything out of this at all, let it be that you have watched Fog of War it's there for free in that link
As most people know, recently, Robert McNamara died at the age of 92 or 93, i forget. Now I, like most sane people, said well good riddance to that sack of shit. But then I ventured onto the internet and found people actually defending him. Saying things like "we need a modern day McNamara to get things sorted out". Let's see how he sorts things out. oh by ruining an entire generations fertility.
This guy was a fucking human monster. He was the Architect of the Vietnam War. You know, that one horrible fucking atrocity that we should never even have been involved with. one of the worst things about this guy was that since he was pretty smart he thought he was fucking Solomon and never thought twice about anything he decided. One of those being the idea to use AGENT ORANGE,
which he knew in advance was harmful to humans (a fucking understatement). It's primary purpose was to destroy all the plants in an area so that no one can hide there. Nowadays we call that chemical warfare and invade countries based on that.


People give the reply, "well he felt bad about it in his later years". A human is not capable of feeling enough guilt over the amount of destruction and horrific slaughter that he was directly responsible for. I'm just gonna lay out a couple of things in picture form that are his fault. And I'd like to remind my American readers that all the people in these pictures are humans like you even though they look a bit off. They'll never get a WoW account or have a blog because of this stuff, anyway here ya go.


I'd like to take this moment to add that Napalm (jellied gasoline basically, which sticks to you and doesnt stop burning. you could jump in a lake and the napalm would burn you to death.) and Cluster Bombs are horrendous weapons. They are indiscriminant and terrible.


So hoooray McNamara, Conservative Icon, Military Genius, and fine Patriot. He embodies the very essence of America. Because as a nation; we at our core, are a maniacle, wife beating, oil-drunk, myopic, self congratulator who cannot internalize a thing we call "the human cost". To top it all off The Omnipotent Creator of the Universe (we're on a first name basis with him so lets shorten it to God or Yahweh) has smiled on us and endorses everything you just saw in this post. Ah nothing like a glass of Hubris in the morning.

If you get anything out of this at all, let it be that you have watched Fog of War it's there for free in that link.

and here's a boat shooting napalm into riverside villages and people:

Ah nothing like approaching fincancial ruin

it's a shame they don't have something like this around here that i could move to if everything went to shit

July 12, 2009

A new rule.

I think I'm going to resolve to attempt putting a cool picture with every post I make. Sometimes it will be topical and other times just plain cool looking. so here you go selfish internet denizen.


July 10, 2009

Temporary Change to layout so my pics dont get cut off in the middle

For this breif moment in time i needed a wider template. so sue me. It's not as classy, but does it suck? lemme get some feedback.

Since I'm really beside myself with dissapointment on how Obamas DoJ is handling things...

This subject came up really really early in his presidency when his legal team decided to stick with the bush era stances on a bunch of pending cases for people being illegally detained by us. Knowing that my representatives are human I was able to overcome my idealistic optimism to write them a scathing letter letting them know that there are a lot of really liberal people who did a lot of the grassroot support to get him elected who are really not being heard.

We felt it was a given that some of the first things on the chopping block would be some of the crap bushes department of justice was trying to cram through. But as i once read somewhere, "once a government gets a power, seldom does it ever relinquish it". So bush made the executive a near king and now obama is feeling out his job and I imagine it's pretty complicated. There's all the promises to the people (not that high on the list), there's all the horrible secrets of america that you get to find out about as part of the job. I almost think that exposure alone is enough to cause sever mental problems. Like when i had a hard time sleeping after watching this asian movie called red flowers or something like that where it seemed like a low budget snuff film. and it was so convincing the fbi had to go investigate it. well i didn't have the luxury of knowing it was fake until months after seeing it. It shook my brain and really warped my outlook on humanity. so the vault of horrendous shit that America holds must really fuck with you. For instance we got a few leaked photos of horrifying torture shit, and bloody floors, and reports of guys waterboarded over 80 times, sexual humiliations, and that's the stuff the public is vaguely aware of. the shit they put under lock and key must be on par with the republican underage boytoy prostitution ring for congress.

I would almost say i'd sacrifice the entire country and have our whole system fall, if it meant full access to all the information that's been hidden from us. Keep in mind my stake in society is almost non existant. ah shit, this was supposed to be a short little sentence before i posted some pictures from video games and stuff that make me happy. It's all on fliker which is not an ideal image host imo. but if you click the image and then click the "all sizes" or whatever you can eventually get to the larger version of the picture which is what i wish they'd start with. for petes sake donchaknow. well i'll attempt it anyway
i'm not really slick with this html anymore so bare with me

easistest thing would be to follow my photostream on flikr (several pages of gameish images that i like)
then I'll post some samples here.


July 4, 2009

Oh How True it is.

If you ever want some good and entertaining news coverage check out Huffington Post. They did an article on a Yale study that showed that the more you present a conservative with information contrary to a mistaken belief the harder they cling to the belief. They are basically unteachable. You can see this ridiculousness all the time. Scientists tell us we should take some measures to prevent future problems from climate change. Liberals say ok lets get to work. Conservatives flip out and claim every fool thing they can think of. There is no climate change! well MAYBE but it's not US! but it's too EXPENSIVE (yeah only poor people will die so no biggie). you know what's too expensive? Our "defense" budget. They should really be honest and change the defense department to it's old name of The Department of War.

July 3, 2009

Thanks for the contribution steve

My adled friend came across a good link that fits with most of my posting themes. it's about how crisis works in favor of the GOP (for people who somehow missed what this acronym is it's "Grand Old Party". sounds like old white men jerking each other off? well you're right. I wonder how many years your party has to be around before you can start calling yourself Grand and Old. With their hubris I could see them starting off with this for their inception. anyhow here's the link