April 23, 2009

RNC resolution: rename Democratic Party to "Democrat Socialist Party"

Let's watch the descent into madness


They are growing crazier by the day

New York Republican Rep. Peter King thinks his party needs to go "nuke" if Bush era officials are prosecuted on torture charges.

King, the outspoken ranking member of the House homeland security committee, said Republicans should "shut down [legislative] activity across the board" if any Bush-era officials are hauled into court.

"We would need to have a scorched-earth policy and use procedural means to bring the place to a halt — go to war," he told POLITICO.


So they are threatening to shut down the legislative process (more so than usual) if bush-era people are held accountable for torture. nice. Incase anyone isn't aware this is a response to Obama releasing a few pages of the Torture Memos. The hilarious part about all that is their argument used to defend themselves is that torture was good and gets results. So apparently they think our values are worth sending people to die over and simultaniously abandoning them. Not that we have any actual values, but we can't even claim them any more.