October 26, 2009

I find this pretty damn interesting.

Recently I was indulging myself and reading up on a bunch of conspiracies on the internet. There was a message board post on SA about conspiracies that ended up being true and that lead to a bunch of fun links and wild stuff. I don't put a lot of stock in most conspiracy theories but I have always enjoyed reading about them and kind of daydreaming some whatif scenarios. One of the things i ended up reading was this site about all the weird and suspicious tie ins involving rich Jewish dudes in high places. There's quite a lot of speculation in the report/article/blog/whatever it is, but there are also many completely verifiable things that were interesting. I could type pages on it just like the original guy did but i'll just link the site and embed the video here that was really cool. It's a foxnews (of all places) report about Israelis caught spying on the US. It's a little old i think, which may explain why it's not horrible, but anyway here it is, they report YOU DECIDE :)

oh and
here's the blog
that I referred to in the first place (second place?)