June 7, 2009


No big post here, I just found out that Banks are allowed to go shopping for who regulates them, then the banks themselves pay the regulators. They have no federal budget. That means there is a conflict of interests here. If banks start failing or get shut down under a regulator they will lose money and potential customers (for being too tough). This is what allowed AIG financial products division to go so long without anyone killing the subprimes and morgtage backed security sales.

We let them pick their own police basically. And I heard on the radio that they can't do a congressional investigation because it would be all for show since all the senators are in the pockets of all the companies. Only a 9-11 Commission-style, private investigation would even have a chance of uncovering anything. and even then, prosecution is going to have to be done by someone.

Let's stick with our theme of just ending America. I'll brush up on my espaƱol i don't care.