June 6, 2009

Forget my last entry and just watch this youtube

Our society is shit and not worth saving.

We fucking climbed out of the primordial soup to become this. I think we can mark off earth as "experiment: failed".

people are pretending to be upset on tv because we have a leader that the world likes and might apologize for the assfucking we've given everyone of them. And republicans eat up this tough guy nonsense. That's fine for covering your insecurities in high school but not when you're a large country. gah

Freaking TARP fund-recieving banks spent 114m on lobbying Congress

Well I'm angry again. First I was angry because I was reading a thread that explained that some banks were refusing to sell off their toxic assests to the government for a fair price. This was supposed to be the crown jewel of the plan. But banks realized that if they have to sell these assests then they have to asses what's in them and how bad they actually are. What does that matter? Well if a house in a neighborhood is one of the bad loans then all the other houses in the neighborhood go down in value. that means that there could be a cascade of "good borrowers"'s investments will start to decline and everything turns to shit. The banks seem to think the right idea is to just pretend everything is fine. Their suggestion was that the government pay way more than the fair price they were offered. so to recap, the government is buying piles of shit for the banks, and the banks want more money for shit. So that was the initial anger thing. Now I see that they are using TARP money on fucking lobbyists. fuck lobbyists.sahds;lkajndlsna sh'gkldhaoryhg;kjvB