February 15, 2010

Gonna drop some knowledge on your wig.

I have found what I consider to be a gold mine of awesome podcasts stored at a site that is doing the lords work imo. The site is called Free Radio Project and it hosts a ton of progressive podcasts and radio broadcasts downloadable as mp3s. The main challenge in dealing with the site is figuring out which stuff is crap and which is gold. Lucky for you people I've been digging through and checking out some of these shows and can give you a little guidance.

IF you're a brave soul and don't mind sorting through podcasts in hopes of finding something good then have at it and report back to me if you find anything good. For those of you with less time for searching I will give you recommendations of my favorite finds thus far. the following finds are not in any particular order. but they are totally worth listening to in my opinion. first on the list is a program called TUC which stands for Time of Useful Consciousness which is an aviation term referring to the time after cabin pressure is lost and the pilot has a few seconds to attempt to set the plane on a safe course before passing out. Anyhow the show has nothing to do with aviation. I took a screenshot where you can see some of the sample topics they cover on this awesome show. here it is:

ok so this is a great place to start if you want awesome progressive podcasts. But have no fear I've got even more. Next up from Free Radio Project is a very cool show that focuses on National Security and whistleblowers. The show is called Boiling Frogs and they get very awesome guests with fantastic interviews and cover all kinds of cool national security stuff. It's very professional quality-wise for a podcast. They have a great blog to go with it found at Boiling Frogs. Their blog has some very cool articles and cartoons to read between podcasts. Since I did a preview of show topics for TUC I'll do one for them too. here it is:
MWSnap023 2010-02-15, 20_26_22

MWSnap022 2010-02-15, 20_26_00

MWSnap021 2010-02-15, 20_25_26

Those are just a few summaries I grabbed off their site. I highly recommend this show.

I'll do a couple more just to help out those of you who don't have time to sort through a million different podcasts. The next one I'm going to post is in my opinion the best podcast i've yet found. Not because of the quality of the presentation but because of the amazing content. The show is called Unwelcomed Guest. The show has two major types. One show type are fantastic lectures by AMAZING people who's views are so awesome that I felt changed after hearing them. The other show type is where the host spends about a year reading, chapter for chapter, the most amazing book ever written. While her voice isn't the best, the book she reads is. It's called The Ascent of Humanity: The Age of Separation, the Age of Reunion, and the convergence of crises that is birthing the transition. If decide you can't deal with her reading of the book I urge you with every ounce of urgeness I can muster to read this book on your own. This book felt like the author wrote my entire soul and everything i've come to believe into a book without even having to consult me. It has reinforced my entire outlook on reality. The author recognizes the importance of what he has written and put the entire text of the book online for free at Ascent of Humanity
Since I did previews for the other ones here's another:
MWSnap026 2010-02-15, 20_44_15
That's all for now but this should definately give you some stuff to work with. And if you want a little direction in just searching through the free radio site may I reccomend finding anything by Michael Parenti and locating the series called Wizards of Money. In fact do yourself a favor and make SURE you check out those last two suggestion. If you finish all these podcasts (which I have done. over 100 hours) and your worldview hasn't been totally illuminated then your brain may be broken.

February 5, 2010

Fucking retarded ass blogger settings changing for no god damned reason son of a bitch ass

I found out why the comments option dissapeared on all my recent posts. some hidden ass option decided the new default would be NO COMMENTS ALLOWED. that makes sense right wtf. anyhow the option to fix it wasn't under the COMMENT MODERATION section or the SETTINGS section it was on a tiny 8 point font little thing under where you write posts that says post options. fuckin hell.

February 4, 2010

This is for the guy commenting on the prison post

Since I feel the comment section is not the best place for me to state my case I decided to make another new post. I'm sorry that your point of view is relegated to the comments section but rest assured I read it and take it into consideration.

I'm going to use this post to gather up a bunch of things i've come across that I feel would be best in one place. I'll post pictures, charts, and snippets of comments that others have made on the internet that I feel are relevant. so here we go.

Now this chart speaks volumes to me. If you take a look at a couple of comparable countries and see how much lower their incarceration rates are, ours are inexcusable. Germany and Australia aren't too much different than us yet look at how low their prison population is. I'm not talking absolute numbers I just mean Rates! If you don't think that America has a police state mentality after looking at this graph I don't feel you are being genuine with yourself. Now if you decide to take the bold and racist move of blaming blacks and Mexicans for our insane incarceration rates go ahead I'd love to read it and have you simultaneously expose yourself as a racist member of our beloved law enforcement.

next I will post some quotes with some charts

The prison population has exploded in recent decades- a phenomenon known as "hyperincarceration," even though violent crime, "serious crime," and property crime has been declining:

Now this doesn't even touch upon one of my major gripes which is outfitting law enforcement like a Para-military squad. I just read that departments across the country are getting unmanned drones to patrol the skies and are shooting for 24 hour aerial surveillance. They are also hard at work developing sonic cannons that inflict horrifying pain without leaving any marks which is perfect for abuse (even better than tasers). I even saw a presentation where they showed how easily the sonic weapons could be rigged together into a wall of sonic pain delivery for crowds (crowd being more than 1 person). Not to mention the only reason we even have a micron of privacy against police is because the courts struck down thermal imaging equipment for routine surveillance. Hopefully that restriction lasts long enough for me do die with 4th amendment rights.

Here's a quote from a guy who was a former prisoner and now does work for prisoners rights and other advocacy of that sort. I'd like to give him credit for a lot of the information I presented. I don't know his real name but his online name is HidingFromGoro.

"The scope of this problem is difficult to overstate- especially because it necessarily includes things like prison gerrymandering, police militarization, mandatory minimum sentences, "tough on crime" politicians, for-profit incarceration, and all sorts of other things including guys with mansions talking about "2 Americas." This is generally known as the Prison-Industrial Complex, or as I (and others) call it- the Machine."

this next part is an excerpt from a heated debate so some of the context is lost but his passion is still there.
"What don't you understand? Why don't you believe?

What more do I have to show you to make you believe?

Tanks crushing cars. Houses burned to the ground while children look on. Puppies thrown into fires while children look on. Newborn babies brain-damaged or snuffed out while their mother is shackled to a bed with a sheet up so she can't see her baby she just gave birth to.

Black guys picking cotton at gunpoint in LA. Swarms of rats chewing off fingers & eyes in IL. Indefinite sensory deprivation. Bags of feces thrown on people in VA. Arms held out of feeding-slots to shatter elbows in VA. Pregnant women beaten so hard the braces get knocked off their teeth in TX. Men forced to fight to the death in gladiator matches in CA. Men shot for sport in CA. Men overcrowded at 300% capacity nationwide. Children given life sentences without the possibility of parole- nationwide. HIV+ inmates beaten and sent to sensory-deprivation isolation with biohazard stencils and no medical treatment. Men put in sensory-deprivation isolation for up to 36 years with no contact with the outside world (including lawyers). Secret medical experiments performed on thousands of inmates in PA. Cops running brutal abuse schemes and creating their own gangs in NY. Penises amputated in WA. Feces mixed into food in CO. These are just the things which I've provided links to on major news outlets in this subforum in the past few weeks.

Stomping on an inmate's head until he involuntarily soils his pants. 41 shots on the street to kill an unarmed man. Executing a cuffed man in front of 100 witnesses and cameras. The countless videos of abuse inside prison walls and the countless more off-camera.

The tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of rapes inside each and every year. The brutal, life-altering rape every four minutes.

Love one another. For God's sake, or whatever you believe in- just love one another. No matter how angry or outraged or just joking about it- whatever you do whoever and wherever you are just do this one thing. We are dying. You are dying. We are being tortured, we are in indescribable pain and hopeless despair. We are you. You lose your humanity when we get gangraped. You are us. We're all in this together.

Cry with us, bleed with us, scream with us.

It's us. All of us- you are us. We are us. We're all human, we're all Life.

All of us." -HidingFromGoro

"Chris J. got gang-raped in prison today. He needs surgery to fix his rectum, and probably other medical attention for the rest of his injuries but he's probably not going to get it. He knows this and is thinking about the pain his rectal scarring is going to cause him for the rest of his life. He laid in his bed for a little while covered in semen and his own blood thinking about AIDS. Since shower time has come and gone, he cleaned himself up with the water in the toilet, he also sat on it for a long time trying as hard as he could to evacuate all the semen out of him. His phone card was stolen as punishment for fighting back and he doesn't have any money in his account to call anyone on the outside, so he's just trying to deal with it on his own. Many inmates and guards are already making fun of him and discussing prices for having a go at him within his earshot. After TV time he's going to have to try and sleep in his cell with 2 other guys who ain't trying to hear his sob story and may even have been involved in his attack.

The pictures of his wife and kids were taken as punishment with promises to defecate or ejaculate on them while a different man was inside him as further punishment for fighting back. He's been clean for 9 months but that heroin would make all this pain go away for just a little while. Chris is more likely than not to go back to the heroin.

Chris will never be able to fully express the pain and rage caused by his rape even to a professional; and he's definitely not getting insurance which covers the help he needs when he gets out. This psychological trauma will have a severe impact on his ability to have healthy relationships on the Outside- out in the World- and will likely lead to bad arguments with his wife resulting in domestic violence. The effects his mental state has on his kids will be profound and probably irreversible. They might grow up in the sort of state in which prison is a very real possibility. When they find out what happened to dad how will they react?

His pain and anger will manifest itself in all sorts of ways and he might go off on some taxpayer in a convenience store or seriously injure someone who cuts him off in traffic. When that happens Chris will go back to prison and there will be similar ripple effects on his victims. Even if that doesn't happen remember Chris uses heroin to suppress his pain and will likely be re-arrested on a drug charge or a property crime he did to get heroin money.

Since there are no secrets in prison when Chris returns it will already be known he is a bitch who likes it in the ass, and he will have to become someone's sex slave. Staff will encourage this. Or he can stab somebody to try get a new rep. If he wins the knife fight & isn't killed outright, the person he kills has loved ones & family members who will become enraged at this, and the violence will continue.

What happened to Chris happened to 200 people today if you go by Alberto Gonzales' DOJ. If you go by HRW it happened to more than 400 people. This does not include juveniles in programs like Nihilanthic posts.

This is every day, every state. There are no exceptions. Going by HRW's numbers it's one Chris every four minutes.

You could be the next Chris, no matter how white you are- no matter how rich your family is. The Machine cares not. It must feed and It will feed.

And the Machine will never be satisfied. "

There's more where this came from. the system is fucked and the systems functionairies are complicit. You are not helping anyone, you are not rehabilitating anyone, you are ruining people's lives. Mostly people who pretty much never had a chance in this fucked up thing we're calling society.

Once you introduce a profit motive in incarceration there is no reason to reduce crime.