June 5, 2009

For the two or three peeps that read this:

I got a lot of writing done on the book you probably heard me mention i'm trying to write. this attempt may never make it as an actual book but it's introducing me to writing for an audience and also lets me see what my writing style really looks like. The cool part has been reading over everything i wrote like 3 days after and doing corrections. At the time i'm writing i think everything is perfect then when im correcting it i think all my corrections are the best choices. It's like i'm grading another kids paper in college and i'm like pshhh look at this loser using "due to the fact that" instead of "because" he's not payed by the letter, get that shit outta here! oh wait that was mine. My only consoling answer to this process is I'm always better in the future.  
Ok here's one time where your comments might slightly count. the way my writing process is going is i think about a character or a scene that might happen in the book world and just start writing. later i will edit the hell out of it and make it a coherent narative ( hopely). I'd say over half this project will be scrap, but I hate to see it wasted like that. So i figure that since i have a Blog, if you (adrian) and whoever else stumbled here by accident could read like mini portions of a chapter or an idea or something and put some feedback. they say to avoid that kind of thing before you're done or else you wont finish but i'm not worried really.
The main challenge will be putting my notepad scribbles into computer text. so if you want em then lemme know