February 15, 2010

Gonna drop some knowledge on your wig.

I have found what I consider to be a gold mine of awesome podcasts stored at a site that is doing the lords work imo. The site is called Free Radio Project and it hosts a ton of progressive podcasts and radio broadcasts downloadable as mp3s. The main challenge in dealing with the site is figuring out which stuff is crap and which is gold. Lucky for you people I've been digging through and checking out some of these shows and can give you a little guidance.

IF you're a brave soul and don't mind sorting through podcasts in hopes of finding something good then have at it and report back to me if you find anything good. For those of you with less time for searching I will give you recommendations of my favorite finds thus far. the following finds are not in any particular order. but they are totally worth listening to in my opinion. first on the list is a program called TUC which stands for Time of Useful Consciousness which is an aviation term referring to the time after cabin pressure is lost and the pilot has a few seconds to attempt to set the plane on a safe course before passing out. Anyhow the show has nothing to do with aviation. I took a screenshot where you can see some of the sample topics they cover on this awesome show. here it is:

ok so this is a great place to start if you want awesome progressive podcasts. But have no fear I've got even more. Next up from Free Radio Project is a very cool show that focuses on National Security and whistleblowers. The show is called Boiling Frogs and they get very awesome guests with fantastic interviews and cover all kinds of cool national security stuff. It's very professional quality-wise for a podcast. They have a great blog to go with it found at Boiling Frogs. Their blog has some very cool articles and cartoons to read between podcasts. Since I did a preview of show topics for TUC I'll do one for them too. here it is:
MWSnap023 2010-02-15, 20_26_22

MWSnap022 2010-02-15, 20_26_00

MWSnap021 2010-02-15, 20_25_26

Those are just a few summaries I grabbed off their site. I highly recommend this show.

I'll do a couple more just to help out those of you who don't have time to sort through a million different podcasts. The next one I'm going to post is in my opinion the best podcast i've yet found. Not because of the quality of the presentation but because of the amazing content. The show is called Unwelcomed Guest. The show has two major types. One show type are fantastic lectures by AMAZING people who's views are so awesome that I felt changed after hearing them. The other show type is where the host spends about a year reading, chapter for chapter, the most amazing book ever written. While her voice isn't the best, the book she reads is. It's called The Ascent of Humanity: The Age of Separation, the Age of Reunion, and the convergence of crises that is birthing the transition. If decide you can't deal with her reading of the book I urge you with every ounce of urgeness I can muster to read this book on your own. This book felt like the author wrote my entire soul and everything i've come to believe into a book without even having to consult me. It has reinforced my entire outlook on reality. The author recognizes the importance of what he has written and put the entire text of the book online for free at Ascent of Humanity
Since I did previews for the other ones here's another:
MWSnap026 2010-02-15, 20_44_15
That's all for now but this should definately give you some stuff to work with. And if you want a little direction in just searching through the free radio site may I reccomend finding anything by Michael Parenti and locating the series called Wizards of Money. In fact do yourself a favor and make SURE you check out those last two suggestion. If you finish all these podcasts (which I have done. over 100 hours) and your worldview hasn't been totally illuminated then your brain may be broken.