December 31, 2009

I posted an angry rant on a message board

I thought it was good enough to just repost here because it's just a river of fury with a usefull message.
here it is:

I read that Just with vegetables we produce enough calories to feed the entire world. This is not counting, beef, chicken, fish, and other such things. The main thing crippling our planet is logistics. we ship things all over the place back and forth for no reason other than cheapness. we'll let entire countries starve even though they can grow enough food to have bountiful substance and substantial raw materials for trade (looking at Africa).

It makes me so mad that I can't form my argument in the very coherent terms. all I have to say is Fuck trucking, fuck shipping, fuck "free trade", Fuck these bullshit fertilizers making insane yield crops that have even less nutrient content than their fore bearers, fuck the population increase made possible by ammonium nitrate fertilizers, fuck the erosion of topsoil turning our once lush land into desert, Fuck monsanto and the innumerable amount of bullshit that goes along with that, Fuck the destruction of the family farm, fuck the loss of social networks that connected us to the food we eat so that there was a semblance of trust between the customer and food provider, ESPECIALLY fuck the total annihilation of plant species diversity which was one of the most efficient protections against harmful pathogens, Fuck the use of slave labor to harvest these monoculture crops, Fuck the top 10 percent of farms generate one-third of total industry revenue and fuck who owns them (not families for a clue), Fuck the farming lobby, Fuck it being illegal for farmers to keep and store their OWN fucking seeds to use for the next season instead of buying GMO seeds from MONSANTO, Fuck the blacklisting of small family farmers from buying new farm equipment because they saved seeds, fuck the fact that seeds that fell off of transport trucks blew into independant farmers crops and mingled causing them to test positive for monsantos patented GMOs which in turn forced the farmers into legal battles they couldn't afford or settling out of court in a manner that sends them into death spirals. Fuck people bitching about Welfare cheats when the biggest recipient of totally unneeded welfare are corporations

Oh while I'm at it, Fuck bill gates and Fuck his foundation for working hand in hand with monsanto to patent life at the Gene level and even further if possible. Rather than pour its enourmous wealth into efficacious methods of relief for the global south the foundation seeks to make the most expensive and top heavy projects in order to nearly single handedly drive the market in the patenting of life. As a non profit organization (which has been under question itself)
matter of fact here's a little wikipedia excerpt
The foundation invests the assets that it has not yet distributed, with the exclusive goal of maximizing the return on investment. As a result, its investments include companies that have been criticized for worsening poverty in the same developing countries where the Foundation is attempting to relieve poverty. These include companies that pollute heavily and pharmaceutical companies that do not sell into the developing world.[50] In response to press criticism, the foundation announced in 2007 a review of its investments to assess social responsibility.[51] It subsequently cancelled the review and stood by its policy of investing for maximum return, while using voting rights to influence company practices.

God damnit my phone rang and it was a good friend and now i'm not all pissed so my rant is over. I'm not ranting against the OP, the topic just set me off.

I'm back.

What does it mean to be "back". Especially on the internet. well for me it means i'm typing again and occasionally checking and responding to social networking sites and visiting real people once in a while.

The reason I wasn't back was because I was in a bad spot as far as socializing goes. I was in the midst of learning tons and tons of stuff (some of which made me very bitter with the world for a while) then I got past that and developed a much more well rounded outlook. Life is still far from perfect but I'm sure we could all say that. I still spend a lot of time chronicling the ills of the world but not out of some kind of self destructive anger but maybe so I can show people where we are as a species and see if it resonates with them at all and if it does maybe they can do the same thing as me and eventually people will be just that much more concious of the state of the world and not be so complacent about this horrible slide into shitdom.

I read a pretty cool article on Daily KOS called NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE YOU FOOLS and it was written by a total prick who had a lot of good advice (along with some shitty advice but we should all be able to sort that out by now i hope) heck why don't I post it instead of talking about it

Let me find the link...ah
here we go